Sports Nation

True story of Galina Duvanova

21.12.2021 10:35

In the new issue of Sports Nation, we'll tell you about the main success of Kazakhstani athletes during the years of independence. 

Antonio Rukavina: Being a good player doesn't mean being a good coach

07.10.2021 14:13

In the new issue of Sports Nation, we will sum up the performance of Kazakhstani athletes at the Paralympic Games in Tokyo. 

Sixty-year-old man breaking stereotypes - Valery Zhumadilov

16.09.2021 12:28

It's hard to believe, but Valery recently turned 60. 

Bakhtiyar Artaye: Our result in the Olympic games is very weak

02.09.2021 11:40

In our new issue of Sports Nation, we'll visit the Kazakh President's Hockey Cup and tell you what to expect from Barys in the KHL. 

Vadim Tskhe: People have no idea what actually happens on Everest

19.08.2021 14:06

Vadim Tskhe was born in 1978 in the current capital of Kazakhstan.

How the famous Kazakh actor almost got injured?

05.08.2021 10:32

In the new issue of Sports Nation, we will visit a star kokpar tournament, where actors and musicians participate. 

Farabi Davletchin: I was shocked when Jason Statham tagged mе

23.07.2021 18:43

At the end of the issue, we will plunge into the world of powerlifting with Ruslan Silin, Champion of Asia. 

Rimma Volosenko: Every boxer woman dreams to become a Pro

07.07.2021 18:16

We're going to tell you the story of her success.

On Everest without feet?? Kazakh woman became the first

16.06.2021 17:56

For a long time, 31-year-old Maria Auezova was quite successfully engaged in para-powerlifting.