How is Ukraine coping with the outbreak?

10.06.2021 16:18

Japan is among the countries with relatively low mortality rates from covid-19. 

India was swept away by a new coronavirus wave: 300 thousand infections per day

04.06.2021 12:28

A new unknown and even more dangerous strain of coronavirus, 300 thousand infections per day and an unprecedented catastrophic epidemiological situation – for several weeks now, the world has been talking exclusively about India.

South Africa coronavirus variant: what is happening in the homeland of the new strain?

28.05.2021 10:06

А gold rush instead of COVID-19. In Tajikistan, they stopped getting sick with coronavirus and started searching for precious metals en masse.

Why Kyrgyzstan does not plan mass vaccination?

14.05.2021 10:00

 The best virologists promise to bring people back to normal reality. What is happening now in different countries? 

Where is free of COVID-19 paradise and how much does it cost?

23.04.2021 17:05

The third outbreak of coronavirus has swept Turkey - will the country have time to recover before the start of the vacation season?

Which country made a fake russian vaccine and for what?

12.04.2021 14:22

In Iran, people forgot about the coronavirus and celebrated the new 1400th year.

Can we die after vaccination against coronavirus?

08.04.2021 09:05

Now more and more news appears either about a fatal outcome after using the drug.

Which countries are against the implementation of covid passports?

18.03.2021 17:47

How is vaccination in different countries?

How are Sweden and Portugal fighting coronavirus?

01.03.2021 14:09

Why does Sweden not follow the mask regime?