Talk to Nature

Ichthyologist from God. Marlene Toursynaly

27.01.2021 18:27

The hero of this issue is Marlene Tursynaly. He is a professional ichthyologist. A couple of years ago, our enthusiast created his own farm, where he grows sturgeon and trout. This and not only you will learn in this issue.

Sparrowhawk. Why do feathered travelers return to the same places?

27.01.2021 18:25

Why do feathered travelers return to the same places? Scientists at the Chokpak Ornithological Hospital for half a century have been studying the mysteries of the seasonal flight of birds. Watch the program “Talk to Nature” with Sergey Ponomarev right now

Innovative technologies in greenhouses

27.01.2021 18:23

In this issue you will meet Roman Schneiderman, a landscape architect. What projects is he proud of in terms of landscaping our streets, avenues, parks or squares? Did he manage to introduce something new? You will find out about it right now!

Snow Leopard. How to resolve the conflict between the leopard and the locals?

27.01.2021 18:22

How to solve the conflict between the snow leopard and the locals? How are global programs to protect the snow leopard and the return of the tiger to Kazakhstan? About this and not only you will learn in this issue.

Festival "Fasanofest" in the Almaty region. Pheasant Hunting Season. How it was?

27.01.2021 18:21

In early September, the autumn hunting season opened in Kazakhstan. You can hunt wild geese and ducks, and pheasant. What drives hunters: sports interest, excitement, the ancient instinct of a getter? You will find out about this in this issue right now !

Almaty city. Sievers Apple

27.01.2021 18:20

The city of Almaty has long been known for its apples. A wild apple is called a sievers apple. You will learn about this, as well as about other varieties of Almaty apples in this issue right now !!

The mystery of the singing dune. Altyn-Emel

27.01.2021 18:19

In this issue, you and Sergei Ponomarev will again enjoy the beauties of Almaty. What secrets does “Singing Dune” hide, where willow lives, which is 700 years old? Why are the Aktau mountains called Martian? You will learn about all this in this series.

Saksaul and its healing properties

27.01.2021 18:17

Why is it difficult to grow saxaul forest?

Wasp feeds on meat?

27.01.2021 18:16

Alexander claims that to be an entomologist you need to be born one.