Terra Incognita

Arpaozen Gorge.Looking for dragons

28.01.2021 16:41

In this series, Anton Fedorov embarks on a journey along the picturesque Karatau mountain range to find ancient petroglyphs depicting dragons.

Barca Kelmes. Mysterious legend

28.01.2021 16:40

Anton Fedorov again explores new mysterious places in Kazakhstan.

Sharafkent. The city that did not submit to Genghis Khan

28.01.2021 16:38

You will virtually visit the Aksu-Dzhabaglinsky Reserve, and also visit the city of Sharafkent, which was never conquered by Genghis Khan.

The bodyguard of the prophet Muhammad. Ukash-Ata

28.01.2021 16:37

You will see the ancient city of Kultobe and get acquainted with its unique architecture. You will learn about all this and not only by watching this video.

East Kazakhstan region

28.01.2021 16:36

Today we will tell you about the Katon-Karagay National Park, with innocent places.

Rakhmanov keys

28.01.2021 16:34

In this series we will tell you the legends about the ancient and holy mountain Belukha

Marble Stone

28.01.2021 16:31

We will show you an amazing cultural heritage that is several thousand years old.

Charyn Canyon

28.01.2021 16:30

In this series, we will challenge a turbulent mountain river and we will rafting.

Lake Alakol

28.01.2021 16:29

We will look at the cave paintings, which are about 3 thousand years old.