The School of Nomads

Uyghurs: History of Origin, Cuisine and Culture

12.03.2021 19:17

The first information about the Uighurs can be found in ancient Turkic writings.

Ancient Saan is the crimean traditional dishes

12.03.2021 19:16

What is the peculiarity of the Crimean dishes?

Ornamental pumpkin variety

12.03.2021 19:15

We wiil be talking about pumpkin variety in this issue!

The host of the program is preparing the Uyghur «Lagman»

12.03.2021 19:14

In this episode, the host came to a famous Uyghur ethno-restaurant.

The creative path and biography of the «Dervishes» group

12.03.2021 19:13

«Dervishes» is a Uyghur musical group.

Wedding ceremonies of the Crimean Tatars

12.03.2021 19:13

We will witness a national ritual called «Henna konma hejesi».

Craftsmen of the Crimean Peninsula

12.03.2021 19:12

Craftsmen of the Crimean Peninsula held a master class for our host.

Fairytale palace - the puppet theater in Tatarstan

12.03.2021 19:10

The host drew attention to one shining building. This is a real fairytale palace!

In the arms of the Black Sea - Crimean peninsula

12.03.2021 19:09

Тhe Crimean Tatars carefully preserve the ancient culture and their heritage.