Time Puzzle

The ups and downs of the Almaty Hippodrome

24.05.2021 17:48

Where was the first hippodrome in the city of Verny?

Alma Arasan. Gorge that does not exist

24.05.2021 17:47

What is actually called one of the most popular gorges in the Almaty mountains? And why is the Alma-Arasan Gorge really not? You will find out about all this right now !!!

How did the Kazakhs Came Up with Music?

24.05.2021 17:46

How did Kazakh music differ from musical works of other nations?

Prophecies and prophetic dreams in the culture of nomads

24.05.2021 17:45

Gengiskhan had a shaman, with whom they were friends since their childhood.

Arasan-Korasan. The hidden Mystery of the Seven Rivers

24.05.2021 17:44

What mystical signs see the pilgrims staying here for the night?

Where do dreams come from, and why do Kazakhs never have bad dreams?

24.05.2021 17:36

History knows many examples when in a dream brilliant works of painting, literature or music were invented.

New riddles of the Issyk mounds

24.05.2021 17:34

Does Issyk have a secret passage to other worlds?

The Secret Tragedy of Issyk Lake

24.05.2021 17:32

Was it possible to avoid the death of people?

Secrets of Kazakh national cuisine

24.05.2021 17:30

The history of Kazakh cuisine is distinguished by a peculiar technology of cooking, storing and consuming food.