Ulken Ui

Heroes of the COVID-19 fight

20.01.2021 18:03

And our first guest today - emergency doctor, Akzharkyn Khalykkyzy.

Ulken Ui. Proud to be a volunteer!

01.01.2021 17:17

The first guest in our studio is a Chairman of the Almaty branch of the League of Volunteers of Kazakhstan - Bagdat Bekbolatkyzy.

Ulken Ui. Business during a pandemic. How can you save your business from collapse?

30.12.2020 17:24

The head of the startup Asylbek Yessenov is visiting Ulken Uy today.

Ulken ui. Covid pneumonia

30.12.2020 10:16

We will name the interim results of the tragic story, the name of which is covid pneumonia.

Ulken Ui. How to keep mother and child healthy during coronavirus?

29.12.2020 15:32

The first guest of our studio is a doctor of the highest category Kamshat Nietbaevna.

Ulken ui. Online and digitalization

21.12.2020 17:48

The guest of the program is Almas Tuyakbayev. 

Who became famous thanks to the coronavirus in Kazakhstan?

17.12.2020 16:35

Who has benefited from the pandemic?

COVID-19. How does the virus affect people at risk?

07.12.2020 16:24

Coronavirus is the disease that has shaken the world to its core.

How effective are distance learning technologies for children?

07.12.2020 16:20

3.3 thousand children had to cross the school threshold.