Welcome to Kazakhstan!

What kind of clothes did the steppe aristocracy wear two centuries ago?

16.11.2022 19:59

What did their clothes look like?

What can you learn by visiting the museum of the Kokshetau city history?

15.11.2022 18:52

This museum is dedicated to the formation and development of the city, from the early Middle Ages to the present day.

What secrets does Northern Kazakhstan hide?

15.11.2022 18:17

What kind of village remain like the bottom of the man-made sea?

What city in Kazakhstan has the longest pedestrian street in the world?

15.11.2022 15:22

What sights can be seen while walking along it?

What kind of location is called the pearl of the Northern Tien Shan?

03.11.2022 17:30

How do the three reservoirs in the Kolsai Lakes park differ from each other? 

Which section of the Charyn Canyon is the most popular?

01.11.2022 18:17

What is the difference between the tract of witches and the gorge of the dragon?

What is the most popular place for walking in Almaty?

31.10.2022 18:08

What can surprise tourists in Almaty park?

Where in Almaty can you look at plants collected from all over the world?

18.01.2022 13:03

How do you manage to grow the Red Book species?

What does the gun donated by Fidel Castro look like?

18.01.2022 12:52

Whose merit is it that the seventies became for Kazakhstan not an era of stagnation, but a time of prosperity and development?