140 high-tech production facilities established in Kazakhstan

140 high-tech production facilities have been established in Kazakhstan with the support of the Science Fund. Of these, 15 Kazakh companies have already entered the export market. Overall, these projects have generated about 30 billion tenge in revenue, according to Serik Mazhikenov, the Director of the Department of Technology Commercialization at the Science Fund. The enterprises manufacture products in the fields of chemistry, medicine, and nuclear physics. Grant recipients primarily include representatives from the business sector. It is worth noting that the Science Fund has introduced new co-financing conditions for them and other participants starting from this year.

“Starting this year, the grant amount was increased from 300 to 350 million tenge. Also, co-funding requirements have been revised. While it was previously standardized at 20 percent for all projects, this year, with the aim to empower scientists to implement their ideas and projects, the required co-funding level has been reduced to 10 percent. Additionally, for newly established startup companies, the co-financing level has been set at 20 percent to promote their creation. Business representatives must provide co-financing of no less than 30 percent,” Mazhikenov said.

According to him, almost 70 percent of the projects financed by the Science Fund operate in the agricultural sector. Also, the main project portfolio also includes production facilities in healthcare and the chemical industry. Of course, all of these projects undergo a competitive selection process to receive grants from the state.

“We started organizing competitions in 2016. 152 projects were implemented as a result of three competitions that were held over the next three years. In 2022, another competition took place, and 72 projects were selected as winners. The Science Fund signed contracts with 68 of them while canceling two. To date, 66 projects are being implemented with the help of the fund,” Mazhikenov added.

According to representatives of the Science Fund, to date, the majority of grants have been awarded to projects from Almaty city, as well as the Almaty and Turkistan regions. It bears noting that most of the commercialized projects in the country are oriented towards the needs of the industrial sector.