201 projects launched as part of industrialization map in 2020

More than 200 projects were commissioned as part of the Regional Business Support Map at the end of last year. Nearly 917 billion tenge (US$2.1 billion) were allocated for their implementation, reported Kazakh Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development. Thus, in 2020, the country launched new enterprises in agricultural field, construction industry and production of building materials, energy, food, mining, chemical, petrochemical and wood processing industries, mechanical engineering, metallurgical, pharmaceutical and other industries. The important projects included plants manufacturing vehicles, technical gases, housing construction with apartment modules as well as oilseed processing plant.

Projects implemented in the following areas:

- Agro-industrial complex and food industry - 71 projects;

- construction industry and production of building materials - 34 projects;

- energy industry - 12 projects;

- mining industry - four projects;

- metallurgical industry - 13 projects;

- chemical industry - 12 projects;

- mechanical engineering - 17 projects;

- petrochemical industry - two projects;

- light industry - six projects;

- pharmaceutical industry - nine projects;

- wood processing industry - 10 projects;

- other industries - 11 projects.