50 wealthy Kandas people set to get special work visa, invest in Kazakhstan

50 Kandas people running business abroad intend to work in Kazakhstan on the Ata Zholy card, Kazakh Minister of Labor and Social Protection of the Population Tamara Duissenova said at the government’s meeting. According to her, a simplified visa for a period of 10 years is already valid for ethnic Kazakhs without losing citizenship. In general, it is possible to receive the Kandas status through a new mechanism of a single service delivery point. Embassies and consulates are already accepting applications. Overall, the algorithm of their settlement is carried out according to four categories. It is planned to attract necessary business owners at the request of employers. Also, Kandas people are eligible to move to Kazakhstan to reunite with their families or invite them to strengthen the demographic process.

“The social package is provided only to those ethnic Kazakhs who received referrals to the regions determined by the Kazakh government. Since the beginning of the year, a total of 13,569 Kandas people have arrived in Kazakhstan, of which 8,547 are able-bodied. They receive social, adaptation, and employment assistance,” the minister informed.

Duissenova also touched upon other issues related to the country’s migration policy. As part of the 2023-2027 concept, a number of measures have been developed to expand Kazakhstan’s investment attractiveness. Thus, a new long-term investor visa with the right to issue a residence permit for 10 years is being introduced, according to Duissenova.

“We have exempted A5 category investors from obtaining permits to hire foreign employees. 76 foreign citizens have received investor visas since the beginning of the year. Now potential investors can obtain an individual identification number and an electronic digital signature under a simplified procedure in foreign institutions on the one application principle. In addition, there are plans to lower the investment visa threshold for investing entrepreneurs,” she said.

Another direction of the concept is connected with qualified foreign staff attraction. Now foreigners with in-demand professions are eligible to apply for a residence permit under the simplified procedure. They will be issued one permit with the right to work in several regions of the country. The quota approves 22,000 people this year.