9th civil forum starts in Kazakhstan

9th civil forum starts in Kazakhstan

The 9th civil forum “Society and the state: 30 years of partnership and development #Birgemiz” has kicked off in Kazakhstan. Kazakh ministers will discuss society’s pressing issues with representatives of non-governmental organizations. 12 meetings are planned to be held. The forum will last for five days. The event, which is held online this year, represents an open dialogue between the heads of central government agencies and the country’s active citizens. Discussion with NGOs will boost transparency of government’s activities and raise public awareness of the programs and initiatives that are being implemented by the state.
“The forum, which is organized by Kazakhstan’s civil alliance with the support of our ministry, is regarded as an authoritative, representative and useful platform for establishing mutually beneficial cooperation between government agencies and NGOs. It is important that the track for civil initiatives paved by the First President of Kazakhstan at the dawn of independence and promoted by President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, remains accessible for stimulating a positive agenda in this direction, despite the current restrictions of the global pandemic,” said Aida Balayeva, Kazakh Minister of Information and Social Development.

On the first day, the agenda included such topics as the fight against corruption, problems and prospects of civil society, public councils’ effectiveness. Public figures from across the country have already joined the conversation. However, any Kazakhstan citizen can listen to the sessions. Online broadcast is publicly available on the website of Kazakhstan’s civil alliance.   

“The role of the Civil Society is growing every day and it was witnessed during the quarantine, which we all spent together. The work of public activists was evident. We are grateful to the country’s leadership for meeting the needs of the civil society, there has been a total reset on a global scale. In today’s world, I think that the civil society plays an important role in making essential solutions,” added Konstantin Avershin, Chairperson of the Civil Alliance of Almaty.

The organizers urge all active citizens to take part in the forum. Following the meetings, advice will be developed, which will be included in a set of recommendations. In general, according to NGO representatives, they intend to close many unresolved issues during the forum. 


Photo: ainews.kz