Achievements of Kazakh Theaters over Independence Years

The revival and development of Kazakhstan’s society, culture and history was another achievement during the country’s independence period. Performing arts also gained recognition in Kazakhstan. Today, a huge variety of performances are staged in all the country’s theaters. Representatives of the theater sphere emphasize that over the past decades, many talented figures appeared in Kazakhstan. According to Director of the Musical Theater of a Young Spectator Askhat Mayemirov, theaters remain one of the main instruments of spiritual and cultural enlightenment of society.  

 “Our historical roots are built in art, including performing arts. Theater is the world that has no boundaries. Since gaining Independence, we have achieved a lot. Today the theater is the platform that presents spiritual and aesthetic pleasure to the modern society, as well as fosters cultural values,” said Askhat Mayemirov, Director of Theater of Young Spectator.

 Independence gave new breath to the traditional performing arts. The brightest ideas are realized on the Kazakh as well as on the world stage. The legendary images of historical figures and epic heroes of the Great Steppe are displayed in the theaters.

  “Achievements, attained during independence are significant. We are developing successfully. Kazakh theaters not only perform at major foreign festivals and competitions, but also win prizes, grand prix, first places. This proves our success over the years of independence,” said the actress and director of Theater “A.I.” Aigul Imanbayeva.