AIFC - relocation center for foreign companies

Kazakhstan is becoming the relocation center for many international companies. Entrepreneurs, including the founders of IT, investment and financial organizations, tend to choose Almaty and the Kazakh capital as a business location. The latter, for example, is attractive to foreign entrepreneurs because of the Astana International Financial Center located there. At present, 1,500 companies representing 65 countries of the world are registered in the center today. One of them is a Swiss investment management company. According to its founder Gleb Streib, all necessary conditions are provided for business development there. It is a developed financial cluster, open access to banking infrastructure, a pool of reliable and competent employees, and, in general, a great potential for growth and promotion of the product in the markets.

“There is both a financial center, and an IT hub, which is located right across the street. Initially, we came here with a financial company, which is based in Switzerland. We provide investment advice, help companies and individuals to make money in financial markets, as well as assist them with investing in assets such as bonds and stocks. It’s a fairly common activity in Europe, and it’s getting popular in Kazakhstan too. Financial literacy among the population is growing, so it was crucial for us to know that we can not only provide our services there, but also have the potential to develop the market,” shared Streib.