Aktobe plans to produce thermal insulation materials from sheep’s wool

The Aktobe region came up with a new way of using sheep's wool. They plan to produce thermal insulation materials to keep the houses warm. The raw materials will be processed using Italian technology. The unique production will be launched with the support of foreign investors. The cost of the unique sheep wool processing project is US$10 million. Borrowed funds make up the majority of this amount. In addition, an Italian investor will provide the enterprise with equipment.

“Of course, there is support from the state. The fact is that the primary wool processing falls under the Agriculture Ministry, while the deep processing refers to the textile industry, which is under the Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development. They have their own state support programs that provide subsidized loans,” Yerlan Zhanabergenov, director, of the wool processing enterprise noted.

The sheep wool collection points will be opened in all districts of the region. Experts say that the implementation of the project will have a multiplier effect, for example, domestic farmers will be able to sell their raw materials. Up to 3,500 tonnes of sheep's wool are collected in the region every year. Sheepskin will also be processed and used to produce gelatin.

“The farms turned their livestock into meat production since the collected wool is not sold. They breed a lot of Yedilbai and Kazakh fat-tailed sheeps. And only a little amount of Tsigai sheeps has left,” Panabek Bimuratov, spokesperson for the department of agriculture in Aktobe region said.

It is planned to receive the first batch of finished products next year. The launch of new productions will create new permanent jobs. In addition, new procurement centers will be opened in the region’s districts.