Akzhaiyk Nature Reserve to become tourist spot

Akzhaiyk Nature Reserve to become tourist spot

A tourist route is planned to be opened in the Akzhaiyk nature reserve. It will consist of two directions. The first is intended for children who will be able to enjoy the beauty of nature, and the second is for adults. They will have an opportunity not only to swim, but also to sunbathe.

“Our goal is to preserve and increase population of rare birds, animals and plants through tourism development. For example, a glossy ibis is very rare. Scientists regularly monitor the state of our nature,” said member of the  reserve staff Balymgul Izmukanova.

The autumn migration began for birds in the Oral-Caspian basin of the Akzhaiyk nature reserve. It will last until November. More than 290 species of birds can be found there. For some of them, the Caspian Sea region is a transit region on the way to the southern skies. Some of the birds stay there for the winter.

“During the global migration, about 10 million shorebirds, about five million ducks, about two million coots, and about 35,000 flamingos fly over our territory. It is a shelter for most bird species, as it provides a good food supply,” noted ornithologist Ilya Bofonov.

The harsh oil region attracts with its rich flora and fauna. Wild boars, two types of wolves, and raccoon dogs live on the Caspian coast. There are also over 200 plant species growing there.

“Three of them are listed in the Red Data Book, including Schrenck’s tulip. Our goal is to preserve local flora and monitor endangered plant species. It starts during fruiting,” added Laura Balgymbayeva, the reserve botanist.


Translation by Assem Zhanmukhanova

Editing by Saule Mukhamejanova