Ali Gholamalipour: The nature of Kazakhstan is beautiful

Ali Gholamalipour attended Malaysian University, where he met and married Nurzada from Kazakhstan. Both came to live in our lovely country after graduating. She works for a Kazakh corporation, while he strives to establish an English-speaking community in Kazakh capital, teaches children in a kindergarten, and leads a free Speaking Club on Saturdays at the National Academic Library. Despite the fact that Ali has only recently arrived in Kazakhstan, he has already fallen in love with Kazakh customs, has joined the new family like a true "kuyeu bala," (son-in-law) and is making big plans for the future, planning collaborative initiatives in which Kazakhstan citizens and international specialists participate. Meet Ali Gholamalipour, the next hero of the My Day in Kazakhstan program!

00:00 My Day in KZ 1:54 Strategic discussion with the wife's younger brother about promoting a joint enterprise on social media.

2:52 Heartfelt hugs with your spouse at every meeting - the secret to a happy marriage 4:50 Kindergarten classes are always a sea of happy feelings.

7:52 presenting a bouquet to commemorate the birthday of the wife's elder brother's wife

12:01 Christina and Alex are Ali's international partners

14:30 The speaking club at the National Academic Library is something special!

16:44 Kazakhstan is full of bright and intelligent young people! 17:27The Museum of the Book houses rare editions and antique manuscripts. 19:14 the territory of EXPO-2017 suggests spacecraft and interorbital stations

21:27 The architecture of Astana is amazing

22:15 Kazakh partners represent a new generation of business owners.

24:13 Sunday morning means a trip out of town. to nature

25:23  Altybakan, a traditional Kazakh swing, suggests a romantic rendezvous of young lovers.

26:50 The nature of Kazakhstan is beautiful at any time of the year!