Almaty plans to use South Korean smart technologies

Almaty plans to implement South Korean smart technologies. Thus, the city will be installing smart monitors. Such devices warn of traffic jams, help drivers get to the right place faster and notify when precipitation falls. In addition, some cameras can even identify a person. Also, artificial intelligence is able to determine the route of those infected with coronavirus.

“Our city has adopted a system for tracking people infected with COVID-19. If a person has positive PCR, but instead of quarantine, he walks around the city, the camera will catch the violator. We insert contact information, and then the system uses cameras to find his route. However, people are scared that the data of the citizens who were in contact with the infected might be made public. But this information is confidential and there’s no chance it will be leaked,” said Kim Gyeong-Hee, spokesperson of the Mayor’s Office of Bucheon City, South Korea.

Parking is another smart project that Kazakhstan plans to embrace. A mobile application can be used to check if there are any available spots before entering the facility.

“This map shows all of the city’s parking lots, including private ones. Now we are clicking on the parking lot near the store and see how many spaces are available. For example, now there are only 10 free spots out of 52,” Kim added.

Almaty is currently participating in the competition of the South Korea’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport. Its results will be available in a month. If won, Almaty will receive financial and technical support from the South Korean government.

Translation by Assem Zhanmukhanova

Editing by Galiya Khassenkhanova