AlmaU and NYFA cooperation - significant step towards development of creative industry in Kazakhstan

Having a double degree and being taught by the professionals of the film industry and world-known film and acting school is a new promising opportunity for Kazakh students. According to the President of New York Film Academy Michael J. Young, this will become a reality thanks to a cooperation agreement in educational programs with Almaty Management University. This partnership, supported by the Dara Presidential Initiatives Fund, marks a significant milestone in the collaboration between higher education institutions in Kazakhstan and the United States. The agreement focuses on integrating efforts in training highly skilled staff for creative majors and developing creative industries. The signing ceremony was held within the walls of New York Film Academy.

“One of the most exciting elements is a dual degree where students would spend two years at AlmaU, and NYFA would receive those students and they would do an additional two years to complete a Bachelor of Fine Arts in film, media, performing arts. Many will receive a degree from both NYFA and AlmaU. I think that’s one of the most promising parts of the agreement, but there are many elements and they all are really about exchange: exchange of students, exchange of faculty, exchange of knowledge. Our programs each week give the students new challenges. So, there’s a scaffolding of learning where they go from little or no experience to coming out of the program with expertise. And they are being taught by industry professionals who are working in the creative industries, bringing that knowledge into the classroom,” said Michael J. Young, President of NYFA.