Altyn Emel. The first geopark in Kazakhstan

Previously the annual amount of visitors in Altyn Emel Park was 1,000 people, this year one thousand tourists visit the park in period of 3 days. Touristic infrastructure is developing: there are guesthouses, observation platforms installed in significant places, for example, next to the singing barkhan. The sandy mountain 650 meters high is amazing.

In the previous century a well-known researcher of nature Pavel Marikovsky spent month living in the tent under the unusual barchan and wrote a book called "The Mystery of the Singing Mountain".

The ethnographer believed that for the last 100 years the singing barchan has grown by several meters and continues to grow. In the hottest days the sand heats up and the barchan sings. These sounds are similar to the noise of an airplane taking off or the roar of a camel. One can only imagine the shock rare travelers experienced upon hearing the barchan roar centuries ago. These days it continues to strike tourists’ imagination.