Altynbek Umbetov - young mathematician

The first science that children get acquainted with is, of course, mathematics. Kids enjoy learning to count, they are happy to know that they have two ears, two eyes, and ten fingers and toes.

Someone counts ravens in the sky, the other one counts the number of entrances or passing cars, but anyway, the older we get, the more we have to count, calculate, divide and multiply.

Yes, all adults are able to count, but not everyone can call himself a mathematician. Because this difficult science requires not only long and deep learning, but also natural abilities that need to be developed from early childhood.

Altynbek Umbetov knows exactly what mathematics is and how to become a mathematician. At the age of eleven, he won many city and republican competitions, received invitations to participate in international competitions, and also passed the most difficult exams at several prestigious educational institutions in the country.