How to make a carpet with your own hands?

In the workshop of patchwork sewing, Gulmira Ualikhan is finishing work on another blanket. The stitching process is automated, and the specialist can only properly direct the fabric. Although all the work here, as in the old days, is made by hand.

Handmade products have always been highly valued. Their uniqueness is in exclusivity, whether it's canvas, interior items or clothes. All this is created in a single copy, and even with great desire, the master will not be able to exactly repeat its work. Today we will talk about how multicolored alasha is made - a carpet made by hand according to the old technology.

Nowadays you can find a lot of souvenirs  on the shelves of the shops, which are made from a variety of materials and using various technologies. Souvenirs remind us of the places visited and the culture of the local people. Both amateurs and professional masters are engaged in the creation of figurines. Sculptor Mamed Rashidov has been making souvenirs for many years. He creates small figures reflecting Azerbaijani national motives. The process is divided into several stages. The master uses clay, but it acts only as a basis for the mold, which is then cast from other materials.