How to create a modern jewelry?

1. Today we will learn how to make tooling leather products. The craftsman, Renat Abdulov who has been creating leather products in the national style for more than five years, will be our guide. Two years ago, he opened his own workshop. That’s where we went to see the whole technological process.

2. Today we met with a high-class master and a very interesting person. Please welcome Marden. She grew up with love to needlework since childhood. Her mother started teaching me how to make a camel wool shawl. She liked it. And then Bulbul began to study something new. For example, at school she learned to knit and embroid. So the needlework became the meaning of my life.

3. Kazakhstan designer and creator of unique handmade accessories Ainur Jazylbekova, is oil and gas engineer by training. While her fellow students were studying strength of material, Ainur was drawn into more creative sphere.