How to do wooden boxes with your own hands?

1.This is a masterpiece of nomadic civilization -  Оrteke. In its own way, this is the first puppet theater in the culture of the Kazakh people, which originated in ancient times, but remained to our days. Figures of various animals were cut out of the wood, different parts were connected with threads, for example fingers of a musician playing dombra or zhetygen. The movement of the performer's hands made the figures move and dance. Thus, musical art has turned into a full-fledged spectacle interesting to children and adults.

2. Alexandra Tkatch is a craftswoman who creates jewelry from epoxy resin with plants inside. This type of needlework has begun to gain wide popularity in recent years. Today we will find out how such jewelry is created. Alexandra herself first learned about this technique seven years ago.  

3. The unusual style, interesting design, grace of the form - all this is about the work of the craftsman Maksat Magzumov, who creates the original wooden boxes. And today we will tell you how to do such a thing with your own hands.