‘Art talk’ international symposium of contemporary art takes place in Burabai

‘Art talk’ international symposium of contemporary art takes place in Burabai

The nature of the native land through the eyes of contemporary artists - more than 20 artists gathered in the Burabai Resort for the ‘ART TALK’ annual meeting. Artists from Kazakhstan, the U.S., South Korea, Uzbekistan and Mongolia are taking part in the project. They will be working on their paintings in Burabai’s most picturesque places during seven days. And then all the artworks of the participants will be presented at the exhibition in the Kazakh National Museum located in the capital.

“Within seven days, the artists will visit the most picturesque places in the resort area and choose a location for themselves. During all these days they will be doing paintings in the open air. The exhibition to be held on June 21 at the National Museum will become another highlight of this project. The artists’ works will then be handed over to the museum’s collection,” said Nazgul Kadrimbetova, Deputy Director of the National Museum of Kazakhstan.

“Usually, I use different things for installations. For example, I create my unique works from chains, ropes, silks and bolts. I’ve been doing this for six years. Recently I used traditional Korean paper. This is my first time in Kazakhstan. Here I’m planning to make an installation that will link nature and culture,” noted an installation artist from South Korea Ju Kyong,



Translation by Assem Zhanmukhanova

Editing by Saule Mukhamejanova