Arystanbek Mukhamediuly presents new book ‘Great Mothers Of Eminent Personalities’

The Honored Figure of Kazakhstan Arystanbek Mukhamediuly presented his book ‘Great Mothers of Eminent Personalities’ at a press briefing. The book is based on the stories of the women, who raised their sons so that they grew up to become powerful, influential men and changed millions of lives. The author’s collection contains stories of mothers of famous politicians, athletes and other historical figures, both Kazakh and world-renowned. For example, readers can learn about the life of the mother of the First Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev, as well as the mothers of Vladimir Putin, the American inventor Thomas Edison and many other famous people. The work was published by the Kazakh Encyclopedia publishing house in Almaty, so far in 2,000 copies.

“It inspires. Indeed, so that we could show the image of mothers through the image of outstanding personalities, because these were just simple children, many of whom grew up in difficult situations. For example, Albert Einstein started to talk late, and only thanks to the love of the mother, who protected her child, inspired him to learn and move forward, now his name is famous worldwide,” said the writer.

“This is a book I would recommend for mothers, both the future ones and current. When you read the stories about Ben Carson, Muhammad Ali, Thomas Edison, Mendeleev, Ataturk, Charles de Gaulle, the meaning of the Russian word ‘vospitanie’ or education becomes clear. That is spiritual feeding of a person. This book teaches us that, of course, men rule the world, but it is women, who create these men,” added Maya Bekbayeva, Deputy Chairperson of Kazakhstan’s Ethnic Assembly and Director of Qazaq TV channel.