Ashyq project to be implemented in airports, train stations before end of June

From June 17, Ashyq application will also be introduced at the Nurly Zhol railway station. Now, when entering the building, each passenger will have to scan a QR code using a mobile application or present an IIN (Individual Identification Number). Henceforth, citizens with ‘red’ and ‘yellow’ statuses will simply not be able to get into the facility. This measure is intended to stop the growth of infection. By the end of June, the pass system will be launched at airports and railway stations throughout the country. Ashyq, an application designed to combat the spread of Covid-19, is gaining popularity in Kazakhstan. It has already been downloaded by over two million people. To date, more than 10,000 organizations in the country have been using this pass system. The results are obvious. Since day one of the app’s introduction, it has helped to identify over 4,000 infected citizens and more than 3,000 contacts who, despite their diagnosis, tried to get into public places.

“An average of 7,000 citizens, knowing their positive status, made attempts to visit airports, cafes and restaurants. Soon, the application will be launched at train stations as well. Each person can infect at least one person, but it is believed that on average, it is five people that can be infected. If 7,000 are multiplied by five, it turns out that Ashyq managed to prevent 35,000 new positive cases of infection,” said Vitaliy Pustovoitenko, developer, ‘Ashyq’ application.


Translation by Assem Zhanmukhanova

Editing by Saule Mukhamejanova