Astana hosts VI National competition of Kazakh dance named after Shara Zhiyenkulova

In what way does the national dance continue to exist in today's world? Trends in art development and various types of interpretations of classical performances are presented at the VI National competition of the Kazakh dance named after Shara Zhiyenkulova. The contest involves 20 ensembles and 15 solo performers from all over Kazakhstan. The event is held by the Kazakh National Academy of Choreography, which is also hosting an exhibition of items left from the previous five competitions. A unique photo album with rare photographs of the first Kazakh dancer and People's Artist Shara Zhiyenkulova is presented for the first time. A dance recital is performed on the stage of the Astana Ballet Theatre in Astana, where on March 31, a gala concert by the competition winners will be held.

“I would like to point out that this is a professional competition, because only professional ensembles of regional philharmonics and students of universities with choreography departments or faculties participate in it. Therefore, we have the expert jury chaired by the People's Artist of Kazakhstan, the legendary dancer Gulzhan Talpakova. Another jury member is the star of Azerbaijan, People's Artist Tarana Muradova,” Bibigul Nussipzhanova, Rector of the Kazakh National Academy of Choreography, said.

“Of course, I am very happy that the Kazakh National Academy of Choreography is expanding like this. The Academy graduates are real professionals. I think that these competitions will have a very fruitful influence on choreography. Aspects such as the choice of music, organic choreography, and authentic performance by dancers who feel the stage and the audience are very important to me. But most importantly, as a dancer myself, I pay attention to professionalism, the soul of dance performance, and the way it is presented to the audience,” Tarana Muradova, Vice-Rector for International Relations of the Baku Choreography Academy, said.