‘Astana Musical’ Theatre opens its new season

The ‘Astana Musical’ theatre opened its new fifth season. It presented the performance ‘I’m going to fail to pass high school graduation exam!’ to the audience for the first time. The unique theatrical production is based on the work of a famous playwright Lyudmila Razumovskaya ‘Dear Yelena Sergeyevna’. Despite the fact that the plot script is adapted for the modern audience, the stage director managed to keep the main storyline of the original work. The theatrical performance is based on the intergenerational conflict, relationships with parents and teachers. First and foremost, it is aimed to help the younger generation to prevent themselves from reckless actions. Spectators were told about the new premieres of the theater.

“This month, we are going to start the season with three performances. These are new theatre productions, new premieres. We also plan to present to our audience a drama play ‘COVID’, given the current situation. We will also stage the performance based on the novel by Zhusipbek Aimauytov ‘Akbilek’,” shares Yeslyam Nurtazin, Stage Director, Artistic Director of ‘Astana Musical’ Theatre.