Astana Opera artists perform in Belarus

Astana Opera artists perform in Belarus

The Astana Opera Theater has been on tour in Minsk. On the stage of the Bolshoi Theater of Belarus, the Kazakh troupe presented Gioachino Rossini's ‘The Silken Ladder’ one-act operatic farca comica. The action takes place in the eighteenth century and unfolds around Giulia, who secretly marries her beloved Dorvil.

“There are six roles in this play, and all of them are the main ones. Everything is interconnected in a one-act opera; all of their parts are arias. There are also large trios and quartets,” said Azamat Zheltyrguzov, Opera Company Director.

The opera is imbued with Venetian romance. The play praises the sensuality, enthusiasm and ingenuity of young lovers. Spectators admit, the performance of domestic artists was an absolute delight. The audience was able to fully immerse themselves in the events on stage thanks to the Honored Workers of Kazakhstan, who skillfully played their parts.

“I can say that we just listened to it in one breath. Gorgeous scenery, wonderful voices. I really hope that such a festival will live on. We will be glad to see and greet the troupe with applause again. These days I really want more positive emotions,” spectator Tatyana Glik shared.

“We are delighted! We are so grateful that you have come to us. Kazakh troupe and the artists - it was just great. That was a celebration! Thank you for giving it to us! And we hope that it’s not the last time we see your talented performers in Minsk. That was so amazing!” spectator Anna Turovets said.