Astana Opera theatre presents “Notre Dame de Paris”

Beautiful Esmeralda and the hunchback Quasimodo. A legendary ballet in two acts “Notre Dame de Paris” was presented last weekend by the best soloists of the main opera stage of the country “Astana Opera”. The ballet debuted in Paris more than 50 years ago, when the famous French choreographer Roland Petit acted as the choreographer. The theatre of the capital premiered the performance first back in 2016. The famous ballet master Luigi Bonino, a friend and assistant of Petit, has been staging the ballet for spectators of Kazakhstan for almost five years.

“It is a beautiful ballet and really different from all the other ballets, the classical. So even somebody who never saw a ballet will understand everything. So that what is important. I like everything. I would like to stay here. I love it. Because I really love to come here, really. I always say that, but it is true,” said the ballet master Luigi Bonino.

Roland Petit’s vision was embodied by the talented artists of Nur-Sultan. The role of the brightest character, the bell ringer Quasimodo, and the role of Esmeralda were performed on stage by the leading ‘Astana Opera’ soloists Bakhtiyar Adamzhan and Aigerim Beketayeva. A special role in this performance has undoubtedly been played by the corps-de-ballet, decorations, musical accompaniment and costumes of the artists, which allowed viewers to fully immerse themselves in the atmosphere of ancient and mysterious France of the last millennium.