Athletes of Central Asia

Victor Kotochigov is one of the top boxers of Kazakhstan. The press calls him the «Kazakh king».  And this is true, because this professional boxer in a short period of time managed to make himself known, win ten out of ten fights, win the vacant secondary belt of WBC International, and remain undefeated and one of the most promising in the world ranking.It would seem that this all could get into the young man’s head. But it didn't Our team managed to visit the athlete's personal training session, watch the process and, of course, speak with him. Admittedly, Viktor’s hard work, good physical training, endurance, discipline are immediately conspicuous. Moreover, he turned out to be a simple, modest and very pleasant person.

Togrul Askerov came to his first training  at the age of five. And it was judo hall. But then he was transferred to the freestyle wrestling section. Probably, not by accident. Because in this sport he was able to make a name for himself and find world recognition. At the age of 16 he won his first gold medal at the European championship. Two years later he became a winner of the junior world championship.

32-year-old Sergey Zenov started his sports career as a teenager. Like many of his peers, at first he tried himself in many sports. Why not? This is so typical of boys. When you want to know and try everything, to test your capabilities. For a long time he moved from one sports club to another, from one coach to another. And one day he became interested in an unusual type of wrestling, which he was fascinated by in a special way. And then, finally, he really felt comfortable. This was what can be called for a hundren percent your sport. And today Sergei is the winner of the republican championship, as well as the winner of the bronze medal of the World Cup in mas-wrestling.