Aviation industry of Kazakhstan in 2020

Passenger air transport services in Kazakhstan became cheaper this year by nearly nine percent. At the same time, airlines in the pandemic year carried by 40 percent less passengers than in 2019. According to experts, such situation is observed in the world civil aviation. Meanwhile, according to the estimates of the International Air Transport Association, a full recovery of air traffic volumes to the level of 2019 will occur by 2023.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has affected every airline in the world, Kazakhstan airlines are not immune from that. So, initially, we cut all of the services, we kept skeleton service on for links to Europe and to the US to support the oil industry. We are now at the stage where we have managed to recover most of the internal traffic and we now have 12 services, which are operating internationally,” shared Peter Griffiths, Director General of Aviation Administration of Kazakhstan.

The chief of Kazakhstan’s Aviation Administration stressed that regular flights from Kazakhstan to other countries are expected to be restored next year.