Benoît Berthe. What can a Frenchman do without his daily coffee?

Benoît Berthe grew up in a little town near the Spanish border southwest of France. He grew fascinated with Kazakhstan in adolescence after seeing its flag on the Internet. He began his own Kazakh language studies. And a few years later, his dream came true when he moved to Kazakhstan during the EXPO 2017 international specialized exposition in Astana. In addition, he met his future wife there.

He has been in Astana for nearly five years and has managed to become a city patriot. After a few months of individual instruction, Benoît was hired as an English instructor at a lyceum. Work consumes most of the time in his life. In his spare time, he studies the Kazakh language, history, and culture and is pleased to serve as a guide in the Kazakh capital.

Benoît Berthe, the next My Day in Kazakhstan hero, has arrived!