Billions of tenge to be allocated for implementation of agricultural projects in Kazakhstan

New agricultural projects are planned to be implemented in Kazakhstan. Thus,  19 new facilities will appear in the Turkistan region in the next two years. There are plans to open cotton processing plants, a corn processing plant, and a starch factory, to implement a project for the creation of an agro-industrial complex and industrial processing of melons and gourds, vegetables and fruits, as well as to build three feed mills in the region. In total, the region intends to implement projects worth nearly 89 billion tenge, while Shymkent plans to launch nine agricultural projects worth 15 billion tenge. For example, a greenhouse complex will be built there by the end of the year. There are also plans to implement a milk processing project. Besides, a broiler plant will be built in the city, and potato and vegetable storage facilities are expected to be set in operation.