Book about Kazakhstan’s military history during WWII presented in Nur-Sultan

Feats of Kazakh warriors in archival documents, illustrations and chronicle pages - a book ‘Military History of Kazakhstan during the World War II” by Maidan Kussainov was presented in Nur-Sultan. The book is dedicated to two memorable dates: the complete liberation of Leningrad from the Nazi siege and the end of the Battle of Stalingrad. The work of a military historian also presents the types of weapons and military uniforms of both Soviet and German troops during the entire war period. Kussainov’s cartographic research of the battlefields was also presented in the book. He said that his work will be especially useful for the younger generation, therefore, the copies of the book will be handed over to the libraries of the country’s secondary and higher education institutions.

“The book is about the Kazakh military units that played a decisive role in the most important battles of the World War II. The 314th and 309th divisions saved Leningrad from a second deadly siege. The 316th and 312th divisions from Aktobe, and the 238th unit from Semei, arrived in Moscow that was surrounded by Germans, once the road was opened. Our Kazakh divisions held up Moscow defense until the Siberian divisions arrived, it was they who played a major role in the defense of Moscow. This book is not only about battles, but also about uniforms, armaments and equipment for the entire period of the war,” said the author of the book Maidan Kussainov.