Book about works of Mukhtar Auezov in Azerbaijani language

A monograph called “Creativity of Mukhtar Auezov: from traditions to innovation” by Nizami Tagisoy was published in Azerbaijani language. The book became the first fundamental research of the writer’s works. The publication reviews the literary aspects of the famous author’s creativity as well as the influence of his works on the development of Kazakh dramaturgy.

 “Auezov’s works are so monumental that it was necessary to study them more deeply. I think that this monograph will allow Azerbaijani readers to be better acquainted with peculiarities of his creativity. This is a kind of bridge between Kazakh and Azerbaijani literature,” said the professor Nizami Tagisoy.

The turkologist has been studying the Kazakh literature since the 70s of the last century. He knows a lot about the creativity of Mukhtar Auezov. He published several scientific articles on the analysis of the writer’s works.

“I have been telling students about the works of Mukhtar Auezov for over 30 years. That is why I had an opportunity to study his works and life thoroughly. In Soviet times, the attitude towards his creativity was ambiguous. He was a deep-thinking writer, so he could not limit himself to social realism, as the ideology of that time required,” shared the professor.

Next year the professor plans to focus on a book about the history of the Kazakh literature.