Book exhibition dedicated to 30th anniversary of Kazakhstan’s independence opens in Nur-Sultan

The history of the Great Steppe in books - a unique exhibition was opened in the National Academic Library of Kazakhstan. It collected more than 2,000 books. Each of them shows the rich history of the Kazakh nation. Visitors will find scientific works of researchers, as well as works by famous authors. Some of them are dedicated to the famous people of the Great Steppe, heroes of the past, while the other one immerses visitors in the achievements and accomplishments of modern Kazakhstan. The exhibition, which is a review of the chronicle of the country’s past and present, will be replenished with the best works of Kazakh historians.

“Our exhibition consists of two big parts. This book exposition begins with the history of our ancestors, with the formation of the Turkic khanate. Books contain and describe the history of the Golden Horde, chronicle of the Kazakh Khanate and 70 years as part of the Soviet Union. The exhibition will be permanent. During this year, it will expand, replenishing by new unique books and interesting literature dedicated to the 30th anniversary of our country’s independence,” said Onai Myrzagaliyeva, Spokesperson, National Academic Library of Kazakhstan.