Branch of Auezov University to be launched in Uzbekistan

A branch of one of the Kazakh universities will be established in the city of Chirchik, Uzbekistan. Auezov South Kazakhstan State University will offer students 18 educational programs. The decision to open the branch in this area was driven by its status as one of Uzbekistan’s most industrially prosperous regions. Auezov University will start training specialists for such sectors as mechanical engineering, metalworking and chemical industries that are thriving in Uzbekistan. Meanwhile, a branch of Italy’s Marche Polytechnic University will be opened in Kazakhstan. According to the Kazakh Ministry of Science and Higher Education, a dual degree program will be implemented in the Zhetisu region. The parties are set to develop joint scientific research, as well as exchange academic staff and students under an academic mobility program. It is noteworthy that the Italian university trains specialists in the field of biomedicine, social sciences and management.