Breakthrough in Kazakhstan’s nuclear industry

Breakthrough in Kazakhstan’s nuclear industry

Kazakhstan’s nuclear industry sector steps into a historic event. For the first time, Oskemen city starts to produce fuel assemblies for nuclear power plants. These are the details of the energetic heart of the reactors. Atomic scientists are capable of producing at least two energy carriers per shift. This project brings Kazakhstan to the international pool of countries that produce and supply nuclear fuel for nuclear power plants. It literally marks a transition to a full production cycle – from the production of natural uranium to nuclear fuel with high added value.

“The energy carriers that will be produced at our plants will be designed for Asian markets. Therefore, we believe that it is Kazakhstan that takes an important part in applying “green technologies” in nuclear energy,” said Laurence Bourachot, Vice President, Energy Firm, France.

Kazakhstan plans to supply to China up to 200 tonnes of fuel with high added value for nuclear power plants in the form of fuel assemblies. The Chinese energy market is promising. 11 blocks of nuclear power plants are being built there.

“We can say right now that we are ready to produce fuel for our Kazakh nuclear power plants. Everything will depend on the choice of a technology supplier. The Chinese partners who consume our assemblies, our uranium, cannot depend on one supplier that is currently in China,” said Vladimir Vakhnenko, First Deputy Chairperson, Metallurgical Plant.

14 percent of the world’s proved reserves of uranium are located in Kazakhstan. The country maintains a stable world leadership in ore mining and improves its processing technologies.


Translation by Saniya Sakenova

Editing by Saule Mukhamejanova