Buiratau National Park

Spring this year was warm and rainy. Vegetation, fed by the revived groundwater, blooms exuberantly; silver feather grass spreads to the very horizon, the endless steppe of Sary-Arka sings with joyful bird songs. Here it is, the spring of the world!

The laws of nature are immutable and eternal. Plenty of food, abundance of water – looks like there will be a lot of offspring in the wild. Spring is the time of breeding in the animal world.

How does this great mystery of nature occur, what is the connection between the animal world and the environment?

We went to the Buiratau National Park. It is located on the territory of Akmola and Karaganda regions. We are driving on a flat steppe partly covered in shrubs, and in the distance - little birches like rare curls decorate the baldness of the slopes. The national park was created to preserve the unique steppe ecosystem.