Business confidence indicator in industrial sector grows in Kazakhstan

Production gains momentum. Business confidence indicator in Kazakhstan’s industrial sector grows. In other words, status of business owners improves. This was the conclusion reached by the National Statistics Bureau. The experts interviewed chiefs of large companies and found that 75 percent of the respondents from more than 2,600 plants rated the economic condition of their enterprises as ‘good’ and ‘fair’. Thus, 59 percent of entrepreneurs believe that financial and economic activity will not change in the near future. Another 15 percent are confident that it will improve, the rest 15 percent are pessimistic and predict its deterioration. This spring, the business confidence indicator in the country’s industrial sector was in decline, then in the fall it grew by 5 percent.

Meanwhile, experts record visible improvements in trade activity. Managers mark an improvement in the economy of enterprises. The same can be said about the construction industry - its indicator rose as well.