Car production in Kazakhstan on rise

Car production is on the rise in Kazakhstan. In October, it increased by 25.5 percent compared to the same period in 2021. According to the Kazakhstan’s Association of Automobile Business, the country produced over 9,500 cars last month. Overall, more than 88,000 vehicles have been manufactured since the beginning of the year. Their total cost is estimated at 902 billion tenge. Passenger car production accounted for the largest proportion in the industry, with 80,000 vehicles manufactured so far. Since the start of this year, an automobile plant in Kostanai has reached a record high, having manufactured a total of 54,000 cars. An enterprise in Almaty produced about 29,000 vehicles. A car assembly plant in Semei shipped around 2,000 units of commercial vehicles. Almost 1,000 trucks were produced in Kokshetau.