Cargo flow through Kuryk port grows 2-fold

The potential of the Kuryk port is growing. It is through it that the main transit of goods and export traffic pass through. One of the factors influencing the increase in volume and throughput of Kazakhstan’s sea gates is the reconstruction of the Beineu-Aktau highway.  This project was funded by the Asian Development Bank. With the restoration of the highway, freight traffic doubled last year alone. And this is not yet all potential, experts say. 

“Last year we received over 15,000 trucks. Many of them came from Turkey, Georgia and Azerbaijan. As for plans for this year, since January we have received over 11,000 cars, and we want to double that number. In total, we plan to receive six million tonnes in the port. We are ready to serve four to five ferries per day,” said Kuandyk Kussainov, a controller of Kuryk port.

Carriers travelling on the international road transport corridor note that the reconstruction of this section, in addition to the developed roadside infrastructure, has led to a significant increase in speed and increased traffic safety.

“We are transporting goods from Turkey. We took a ferry from Azerbaijan to Aktau, and now we are heading to Uzbekistan from the Kuryk port. The quality of this road is very high, our trip has become much more comfortable,” said Haji Ipekten, a driver from Turkey.

Through Kuryk, our country was able to join the world sea maritime flows. The port is an important junction of the Trans-Caspian international transport route, which is used to promote domestic products to the markets of the Caucasus, Turkey and Europe.


Translation by Assem Zhanmukhanova

Edited by Saule Mukhamejanova