Cash flows of residents of EAEU member states to be tracked

The Mazhilis approved the ratification of international documents, the norms of which establish the procedure for the exchange of information on the movement of cash by individuals outside the Eurasian Economic Union. One of them concerns an agreement in the field of counteraction to legalization of proceeds of crime. The document was signed in Moscow on July 20, 2021, Kazakh Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Yerulan Zhamaubayev announced at the plenary session.

“The exchange takes place by submitting the information declared by the individual in the passenger customs declaration and the goods declaration. The procedure for interaction includes the content of the request, the terms of its execution, the officials authorized to sign it, as well as cases when the request may be refused. Information interaction is carried out at the request of authorized, law enforcement and customs authorities of one Member State of the Union to the responsible authority of another Member State,” said Zhamaubayev.

In addition, he noted that the agreement contains the rules on information confidentiality, its protection, storage and destruction, as well as measures taken by the member states in case of unauthorized dissemination of such information.