Cats - the most mysterious creatures

Cats are the most mysterious creatures on the planet, in all countries of the world. Many beliefs, secrets and legends are associated with them all over the world. For example, almost the entire northern hemisphere is convinced that the black cat crossing the road is unfortunately.

But in Australia, it is believed that black cats bring good luck. On the contrary, a meeting with a white cat promises trouble. In Russia, they believe that the cat protects the house from evil spirits, and if it sneezes near the newlyweds during the wedding, the family will be strong. Kazakhs, on the contrary, did not allow the cat to a pregnant woman or young children. At the same time, the cat is the only animal that is allowed to enter the mosque.

No animal causes such a diametrically opposite attitude to itself and does not have such a strange and mysterious reputation. What is it connected with and what was the role of a cat in the life of Nomads and other developed civilizations of antiquity? Where, how and why was the cat domesticated? What is the role of cats in the Kazakh epic?

Watch right now incredible abilities, historical paradoxes, legends, myths and scientific theories about cats.