Central Asian Security and Cooperation Forum takes place in Kazakh capital

Central Asia may become a major transport and logistics hub. Kazakhstan aims to achieve this goal by utilizing the potential of the Trans-Caspian International Transport Route and by opening new corridors, as stated by Kazakh Foreign Minister Murat Nurtleu at the Central Asian Security and Cooperation Forum in Astana. Additionally, Kazakhstan proposes the establishment of a Regional Water and Energy Consortium, which would address water scarcity issues in the region and enable rational allocation of resources. Central Asian countries should jointly address other challenges as well. Thus, ensuring security in the region entails establishing peace and stability in Afghanistan. To this end, it is proposed to establish a UN Regional Hub for Sustainable Development in Central Asia and Afghanistan in Almaty.

“In fact, in a world that the center of power is transforming from the West hemisphere to the East one, Kazakhstan does have a very important role, because it has been located in a place, which connects East to West, and also, North to South. This is the most important role that Kazakhstan can play as a bridge among civilizations. And, I believe that with a wise leadership of this country, it will not take a long time when you can see a very effective and positive, and constructive role of this country, Kazakhstan, in creating a better and more just architecture for the world security,” Mohammad Hassan Sheykholeslami, President of the Institute for Political and International Studies of the Iranian Foreign Ministry, said.

“Kazakhstan has its standing on the international stage. Under the leadership of President Tokayev, the Kazakh government is currently focusing on significant socio-economic issues, and their efforts have been highly successful.   Kazakhstan is poised to become a central country in Central Asia and Eurasia as a whole. The country has already made significant contributions to maintain peace in the world. For example, it has hosted meetings of world religious leaders, which is highly important, especially in light of global conflicts. Therefore, such events provide a new impetus for discussions and the resolution of pressing issues every year,” Joohyeon Baik, Vice Chairman of ‘Eurasia21Forum’, said.

It is worth reminding that the Central Asian Security and Cooperation Forum, which has gathered over 60 experts from 25 states, is currently taking place in Astana. The participants are engaging in discussions to address crucial issues, including the future of Asia in a changing world and the effective measures necessary for ensuring the region’s stable development.