Children’s art exhibition ‘Tugan zherim’ opens in Nur-Sultan

An art exhibition featuring works of participants of the Fifteenth International Fine Art Competition ‘Tugan Zherim’ opened in Nur-Sultan ahead of Independence Day. The event has gained recognition over the years - initially it was launched as an urban creative competition in 2004 and became famous abroad. This time, more than 400 young talents exhibited their works. 31 best works were selected. Participants from Azerbaijan, Belarus, Moldova, Tatarstan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan exhibited own works. The exhibition was initiated by the Museum of the First President of Kazakhstan and the Children’s Art School - UNESCO Club.

In October, we held an online awarding ceremony. The competition is being held for many years. 15 years have passed since its first grand opening. The organizers intend to publish a large catalogue of paintings. We think that the most important thing now is to show the art of all talented children, who presented their works at the international competition, said Kulyaisha Aktayeva, deputy director of the library of the first president of Kazakhstan.