China lifts restrictions on livestock product imports from Kazakhstan

China has lifted restrictions on livestock product imports from Kazakhstan. The ban on poultry imports had been in place since 2005, and restrictions related to foot-and-mouth disease had been in effect for the past two years since 2022. Thus, Kazakhstan can again export frozen beef and pork from southeastern regions and poultry products to China. However, the countries should carry out certain necessary procedures, such as coordinating veterinary standards and registering enterprises, as outlined by the relevant ministry. In the near future, Kazakhstan is set to submit a list of domestic enterprises for preliminary inspections to ensure product quality. About 60 Kazakh companies currently export livestock products to China, including dairy goods, fish products, and honey, the Agriculture Ministry reports. Kazakhstan is set to significantly expand the range of export goods, providing opportunities for domestic producers to enter new markets.

“Work is currently underway to diversify export destinations, with plans to supply livestock products to nine additional countries, including Kuwait, Lebanon, and Southeast Asia, and to expand product offerings to European markets. We are also working on honey exports, targeting new markets and tailoring product types to specific countries. The expansion of the export range depends on domestic importers’ readiness to meet export demands and compliance with veterinary standards of importing countries, which is precisely what we are working on,” said Samat Tyulegenov, deputy chairman of the Committee for Veterinary Control and Supervision of the Kazakh Agriculture Ministry.