Classical sounds of dombyra at concert venues in China

Dombyra, the landmark of the Kazakh musical culture, is played at large concert venues in different countries, including the stage of the central theatre of China. The Kazakh national instrument has been one of the main in the Beijing Chinese Orchestra for many years. The creative association constantly experiments with music, rearranging modern compositions on Chinese and other national instruments. This orchestra performs about 300 times a year.

“Our Beijing Chinese Orchestra performs not only Kazakh music, but also music of other nations. It seems to me that music and culture are the things that unite the whole world. After all, music is the easiest way to communicate. It does not have any barriers, as, for example, a language. We can link, send notes to each other and play together,” opined Li Changjun, director of the Beijing Chinese Orchestra.

“We hope that we will get an opportunity to collaborate with Kazakh musicians. We have our own dombyra players, but we would like to interact more, learn from each other. For example, we can make a performance with two dombyra soloists, where our performer and a performer from Kazakhstan will play together. That would be great,” said Li Changjun.